Thursday, April 29, 2004

New Palm models...close to me
Palm has just publish two new models, they both were presented April 28 in Spain and I was noticed 29 so I feel "on the wave" 8-). I was considering two options: Zire 21 and Tunsteng E (links in spanish) I feel first one was a little bit poor but certainly cheap (it fits exactly what I need, just contacts, calendar, few memory... just the basic things but nothing less), and second one was much more that I need and too expensive (such a beatiful screen and so slim and with a few ROM memory).

Weel Palm has released this two news PDA's betwen two formers linked. As before, Zire 31 it's more simple option and Zire 72 more funny one (with digital camera, bluetooth and so on).

Looking for details I've found that Zire 31 satisfies everything I need, I just need to confirm if it has a few ROM and how well Pilot works with it.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I like CSS
I'm desiging a web page for my brother, it's hard to learn CSS without order but I've found a very interesting link: Full DHTML+CSS book on-line with very usefull and nice exemples...

Try it, chapter over 20 are very, very goods, they show how far can you arrive... soon I link it at my favourites sites.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Virus activity since January
Since 2004 January I've experience a significant increase in email traffic, I mean spam. In my opinion everything begins with MyDoom virus.
  • My Doom open a port as a backdoor (one of it's payload) Each time you clean up MyDoom form a computer you may have been infected with another one that put's it's own backdoor.
  • Virus try to spread theirselves by reading email addresses form victim, later they try to compose new addresses by mergin different addresses and domains all from victim addresses book. Nowadays virus compose new addresses randomly, something that we can call brutal force trying.
As I'm still practicing perl so I'll give a chance to it for clean up my mailboxes with a very simple scripts. I've take a look over Perl Mongers and there's no group at Valencia, Spain, but there're in another spanish cities

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Do you have a palm?
I'm considering to buy a Palm Pilot (why palm it's another question) and I've been visiting product list -in spanish- over and over...
My favourite is a Tungsten T3 but it's a few expensive for me, Zire 21 offers everithing I need and it's affordable. In the middle I consider Tungsten E.

The big thing it's that I really don't know how much I'm going to use it, people says that they uses it a lot and it's very useful. And I don't know exactly what happens when battery dies, will I lost all my data if I choose a palm without ROM?. Connectivity with Linux seems to be guaranteed with differents applications like JPilot ... Inputs are wellcome, drop me a line: pere AT

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Perl beginner and Mozilla debugger
Interesting days... improving my perl competence by treating text files. At job it's needed extract some information from a text files automaticaly generated by Hasefroch machines at start-up (do you remebember autoexec.bat?). It's easy to type information from twenty persons but when I knew it will be near two thounsands PC's I though it would better if I offer my services as perl beginner. It's a great chance to treat a lot of text files and then generate one csv file for database loading.

On the other hand, some problems with mozilla had teached me about how Mozilla prints. This is the problem: you see a web page with Mozilla and you print it with some aspect, this page has text with size font defined in pixels. Then you upgrade Mozilla and you test that page. Rendering keeps the same but when you print appears carriages returns when there isn't. What's wrong ?
I google a few meanwhile Juanjo (other Linux BOFH at the company) tries differents solutions... we learn what's happening inside Mozilla. Mozilla render correctly the page allways, but when Mozilla has to print it starts the party. First, may occur that you haven't that font in your machine -not our case- second, mozilla has to convert a font defined by pixels units to be printed as a postscript, wich implies a translation from pixel to points. As long as Ii know pixel is a unit valid for my screen whether points it's a unit valid for my printer.
So mozilla tries to do the best they can do. Mozilla print by lp, to do that, mozilla team has compiled it using xprint, Juanjo has done a great job by downloading and installing xprint for mozilla to use it. When you got this service (xprint provides a print service abstraction) mozilla recognices it and offers you more printers, one of then xprint.

Team work it's the best.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Against film influence:
almost everyday you may find films where an actor type and type on a keyboard... after a few seconds she/he comes into some goverment data base and whether some body else asks how many white vans are in this town, and how much of them where buyed betwen this date and this date, our actor type and type ... after a few second she/he says: there're two and this are their buyers addresses. Do you wanna know where they live or what toothpaste they use?

Well, so it's easy to imagine why I feel so negative against it. There're people that come to me and ask me would you writte a program to do that? I've seen on films or TV that it's fairly simple, even using Internet.

Internet has canged our lives, years ago people doesn't know what is a program, know a lot of them believe that by using Internet or by googling everything it's at your hand. And the truth is that not, by now. Sometimes, the most simple perl script done for myself, takes a lot of time, 'cause I like to writte it once, and forget it, so even this simple ones, ought to be well tested.

Obviously I feel a little bit ... angry.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

By reading this new I arrive to a Tille article about Custom Debian Distributions. I like very much Debian, but I've work with Red Hat for years, even more, I'm still working with Red Hat and at my laptop I run Fedora, a project, not a product -very important difference- sponsored by Red Hat.

But this last year I've start to use Debian at home for my personal server, and well, what can I say? It's a great distribution, for my server, not for my laptop. Debian is stable, sure, very well supported by developers, ... I think that debian developers, debian people in general are in right way with this Custom Debian Distributions. That may leave Debian as is, 'cause it doesn't try to be a fork but it tries to fill up necessities not cover by Debian. I think that Tille -document author- explain it better:
Custom Debian Distributions (formerly known as Debian Internal Projects) provides support for special user interests. Special users might be children, lawyers, medical stuff, visually impaired people etc. Of late several Custom Debian Distributions evolved. The common goal of those is to make installation and administration of computers for these target users as easy as possible and to fit our role as missing link between software developers and users well.

I'm going to follow this very accurately. And if may go to may be Amaya talk about it...