Saturday, April 24, 2004

I like CSS
I'm desiging a web page for my brother, it's hard to learn CSS without order but I've found a very interesting link: Full DHTML+CSS book on-line with very usefull and nice exemples...

Try it, chapter over 20 are very, very goods, they show how far can you arrive... soon I link it at my favourites sites.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Virus activity since January
Since 2004 January I've experience a significant increase in email traffic, I mean spam. In my opinion everything begins with MyDoom virus.
  • My Doom open a port as a backdoor (one of it's payload) Each time you clean up MyDoom form a computer you may have been infected with another one that put's it's own backdoor.
  • Virus try to spread theirselves by reading email addresses form victim, later they try to compose new addresses by mergin different addresses and domains all from victim addresses book. Nowadays virus compose new addresses randomly, something that we can call brutal force trying.
As I'm still practicing perl so I'll give a chance to it for clean up my mailboxes with a very simple scripts. I've take a look over Perl Mongers and there's no group at Valencia, Spain, but there're in another spanish cities