Thursday, May 06, 2004

Stallman at my city
This days is Valencian software meeting congres, first one, and seems to be a political issue about how politicians wants to appears at newspapers talking about IT and Free Software for school, in the way has been done for Extremadura... I'll keep on writting tomorrow when I come back from my first session.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

You sasser mother focker
I was talking few days ago about virus expanding and how it is related with spam. Well, sasser has arrived, I think it's gonna be a new increasing wave: more junk mail.

I post before about how new virus generation are increasing more and more e-mail traffic, and how they're changed the way they choose e-mail addresses to be forwarded to (first they read all your e-mail address book, second they try new addresses by merging your addresses and now do a true random composition). Even more, they now have their own SMTP 'motor'...

Well, now sasser is not a virus but something more like a worm, anyway, increasing internet traffic and making my day by fullfilling my Mailbox. Friends, please, expend money, buy an anti-virus software and install a firewall solution on you Hasefroch XP

[1] read this about sasser authoring