Friday, June 18, 2004

Great idea from trukulo, Read it Out Asshole!. The think is to invitate to somebody else to read that book that you like so much.

I've to recognise that slogan sounds heavy but I think it's a good idea to shock a little bit and culture may be funny, well, culture, reading, music, it's really funny. You just to find what kind of reading do you like, so here's my recomendation:

  • La Voz a ti debida writted by Pedro Salinas (in Spanish)
Since I read this poetry book life has another sense. This something very personal to talk about so I don't keep on.

Poetry it's not a very usual reading. What a pity.
  Para vivir no quiero
  islas, palacios, torres.
  !Qué alegría más alta:
  vivir en los pronombres!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Testing Free Hosting

During my upgrade I wanna use some free host, it has to offer me FTP access, because blogger requires it. I was testing wich has been a very good option, since has been shown as a non continous option. I mean, sometimes it run, sometimes it doesn't.

Now I wanna check a spanish free service, let's see how it runs...

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Virus in May 2004

From Slashdot I go to Sophos May TopTen viruses.

There's no mention to Korgo which has been in the wild 48 hours ago. It's curious how most of then are easy to detect and erase with any ordinary anti-virus tool but the fact is that they keep on spawnning theirselves all around. Like an infite loop.

Who writtes virus? that was the question I was talking with a friend, it's common criteria for users to suppose anti-virus companies are supporting this because virus are they raw materia.

In my opinion -and read before to others- spammers has a great interest on some kind of virus; a virus that don't overload your computer and let them to control it remotely (famous backdors installed by different virus). This behaviour let then expand and infite zoombie network to resend spam.

And for sure, we, postmasters of Internet siffer it, and belive me, we suffer with a lot of pain... dont forget Adminspotting.

New host

As a transitioanal site now I'm trying to migrate form eresmas to let's see how blogger runs against this new one...