Sunday, July 25, 2004

Valencia Blog Meeting

I feel compromise with my mother tongue so why to write in english? Obviously not 'cause the audience. I just a question of practice. If you wanna be english competent you got to use english, that's why I force myself to write in english.
This previous reflexion to say that a blogger meeting it's going to be at Valencia, so although I think I'm not a blogger I try to go and find out that people. I think it's going to be interesting. Nice idea to call it Orxata & Blogs you need to know that orxata it's a Valencian tipical drinking, you can drink it very very cool, it taste different, I like it cool, very cool, (one more waiter!)

I don't feel like a real blogger 'cause I just use blog as a media to writte easily about postmaster's hell... you know, being BOFH it's a hard being way...

Thursday, July 22, 2004

New Spam

I received last days mails with this text:
tray scourge striven missionary tollgate taxicab donna differentiable aspe= rsion beer soliloquy elide appoint neuron basilar obsessive budweiser bene= fice aeronautic clockwatcher somber errant civet deflate courtesan dearie=20=
bluish paramagnetic gird promiscuous corporal farthest bitt administrat= rix abridgment macabre box detractor point basophilic canker ego point stu= nt inequitable bandgap bartok diverge troglodyte situs hardtack declamator= y bass monte bellyfull elizabethan baltic=20

So, as you can imagine it's a new way to pass trought your anti-spam software. It's a sort of massive random word invasion in order to brake your anti-spam rules.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

New hosting

I don't post as usually as I should, but last weks I was changing my hosting. So I would like to stay until DNS will be correctly propagated... since now, again on line.
Next to come: redraw my web...a GNU/Linux user could do a nice design too, it isn't?