Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Finding friends via Internet

Yesterday a very good friend of my -wich lives far away right now- send me an email 'cause she has found my web page and maybe this blog...

It's peculiar since all my page it's about Linux and technology related, in fact when I ask her how she comes to my page she says she was looking for a friend wich surname is exactly like mine: Benavent.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Qmail and Delivery Notifications it runs!

I've been done some test on Notice Request Upon Delivery to which is basiclly a simple mail send to original sender to notify a mail message has been succesfully delivered to receiver.

You need:

  1. Linux knowledge :-)
  2. qmail installed and running (with Maildirs)
  3. postmaster administration access
  4. fairly good mail client (telnet to 25 port it's a good choice)

You have to do

  1. edit .qmail for user and append this before .Maildir line:
    (or full path |/var/qmail/bin/qreceipt
  2. when you send a message to append this header:

What you obtains:
when sends an email to and this mail it's delivered inside Maildir, then receives an email from: DELIVERY NOTICE SYSTEM with subject: success notice and with body:
Hi. This is qreceipt program. Your message was delivered to the following addrees: Thanks for asking.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

New blog template

I've change blog template to Minima (developed by Stopdesign by Douglas Bowman), overall 'cause this template is fairly more similar to general web site look... well I least I think so.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I like Perl

There's only one way to learn a language, practise it!. For sure one thing it's to know syntax and a distinct thing it's know logical beside all that stuff...An example, I've review one of my first perl scripts and there I found something like this:

if ( $zone == 1) {
$zone = "01" ;

if ( $zone == 2) {
$zone = "02" ;
and son on until 9 was converted to 09. As soon as I show code I decide to improve it, I know what I wanna do but I don't know how, then I remenber something like join.

Few minutes later here you got it:

if ( $zone =~/^\d$/ ) {
$new_zone = join '', 0,$zone;

I specially like regular expressions 'cause they're very useful, you may use them with perl [perlre: stands for perl+re where re means regular expression], with Vi, inside pure bash shell, by using sed or by commands like grep with -E flag...

Monday, November 08, 2004

Bagle increase activity

Since past week I've found a lot of junk emails at postmasters account about Bagle virus. There're different virus variant, lets take McAffe information about, as you may see is not very dangerous and it's easily detected by almos t any anti-virus software, so, why so much mail about detecting this virus?

Probably, out there many people has zoobie computes, under anybody else's control.