Saturday, June 18, 2005

Darth Vader Helmets

I'm a Starwars fan. So out of usual themes short links about something I like... Darth Vader Helmets !!!

  1. Best replica and most expensive: You may have a look in this links: 1, 2, I notice it by Fayerwayer blog in spanish.
  2. Second one: Darth Vader Helmet with voice and sound it may transform your voice, breath as Vader, and repeat significants film phrases. I found it in a big store walking with my wife and she wants I buy it, maybe she was looking my face, as a child willing to own it
  3. Third one: Darth Vader Helmet without voice but with a pretty good quality, sure not as the first one.
  4. Fourth one: Darth Vader simple helmet, just for fun duisguise yourself.

No it's sure I gonna buy this helmet, and be the force with you...