Friday, June 17, 2005

Fedora Core IV

Successful upgrading!!! now i'm writting this from my new toy, Drivel, running in my Fedora Core IV.

Just one problem, sylpheed didn't start up 'cause it need a that doesn't exist at this distro... first I tri it's to link to an unexisting and emulate it, but after do that still need other library, now I don't remember wich one.

So as a professional I try most canonical option:

  1. Uninstall sylpheed
  2. Install new sylpheed rpm from
  3. ... type sylpheed in a console and ... it runs!

If I don't write anything else about it let's assume that old No news, good news

Oops, this august we go to London for a couple of days, great chance to improve my english or so I hope, drop me a line if you wanna recommend me something