Friday, June 10, 2005

Upgrading Debian Woody: personal experience

My home server runs Debian (pure Woody) so as soon as see there were a new Debian version I just start to look around what it's suposed I've to do.

First of all I look my cron log's to see if planified apt-get update && apt-get upgrade have reported some thing about it. No news in logs... so I might try something more.

Debian published this release notes for Debian 3.1 where they talk about upgrading from Woody (link in spanish). After a not very deep reading I've follow this steps (keep in mind I got a daily updated debian, just from stable sources):

  1. As they suggest install aptitude by executing: apt-get install aptitude
  2. then run aptitude update && aptitude upgrade
  3. aptitude ask about install flex or doesn't 'cause it changes a lot from previous versions and actually don't satisfy POSIX specifications. I'd answer aptitude don't upgrade flex version but each time I try an aptitude update && aptitude upgrade tries to install once more time this package, so finally I accept to install this flex version, since I do it, every aptitude update && aptitude upgrade ends perfectly, and no new software it's needed.

By the way, now appears very useful to keep in a server Debian without extra software but stable, as a note here's my sources.list: deb stable main contrib non-free deb stable/updates main