Saturday, November 12, 2005

Free software from Sun, Oracle and Microsoft

I wrotte about it latter but as I want to practise my writted english, not to be the coolest blogger in the world, then I don't mind.

First good new me come from Sun when they announce in they newsletter for developers that they let you donwload for free their IDE for Java.
Second were Oracle, with their Oracle Database 10g Express Edition wich is free for develop, deploy and distribute. Oracle use to let use their products for free, assuming you're developer, but as son as you put in a production environment, you, or your client has to buy a license and/or support. So the good new is that you may use it for free totally, also in environment production, but no support is offered unless you pay and this software is a lesser edition, which isn't exactly the same as 10g is.
Third one has been Microsoft, ans this really weird. They offer also a lesser version from Visual Studio, call it: Visual Studio Express.