Friday, January 28, 2005

Blogger Support: great team

Altought blogger it's a free service they offer support. My atom feed was outdated, I check help, I check my configuration, and later I send and e-mail ... well now I've received a e-mail from a so called Steve from Blogger Support Team. He has done some changes to my feeds and now it appears updated: thank you very much in deep.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Backup for Palm

Palm recommends to syncronize your Palm with your computer on regular basis... but you may be out for a long time, far away from your computer, so what would happen? You may lost all your data.

I'm looking around and searching for a backup solution that let me backup data in a SD card. I've found this utilities and I'm going to have a depper look inside to take a desition:

If I try some of them I'll comment it here... next thing would be a english-spanish dictionary...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Palm tools for Linux developers

Reading Planet Debian I've found a debian developer talking about tools for write programs form Palm.

There're two basic packages: prc-tools and pilrc. Browsing this links you gonna find there're too, other usefuls packages, such as prc-documentation, or prc-tools for ARM.

By now, I just wanna to syncronize my Zire 31 with my laptop... so I keep on trying, I hope give more news soon.

Monday, January 24, 2005

I've got a Palm!

I'm one year older this days, my wife (love you Concha), Miquel, Azucena, Fernando, Fernando.JR, Eva, Jose, Isidro, Marisol, Sonia, Pedro ...I hope don't forget nobody, all that crew has give me a Palm Zire 31 (spanish link). Lovely present.
Thank you all !!!

But there's more, my wife, also, give me 4 DVD's StarWars pack... It has been a great day, I enjoy a lot, we eat a lot (I cook main menu), ... Gracias a todos, sobre todo a ti Concha.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Good news for my wife

She has just started to offer services has a web designer, you may find her at Estudio-L, stands for Estudio lázaro, you may translate it as Lázaro study and Lázaro 'cause is her surname...

She has very good ideas about what users needs at web interfaces, very practical point of view, specially talking about how to keep attention, when she requires me, I try to help explaining what it's XHTML, CSS, and so on, but just theorical part, real work it's all done by her.

If you need a good designer, very user focused, without flash effects, all browsers compliant, you drop a line to Estudio-L. She works fine, but quiet (I've hosted her domain in my hosting).