Monday, March 21, 2005

Why Yahoo! buy Flickr?

I'm not a consultor so I may be wrong -uf!, it's fine to know one can do mistakes from time to time in this world- but I my opinion, Yahoo! is building 360 and now is buying Flickr not just to follow Google.

They both, Google and Yahoo! leave time ago searching as a bussines focus. Why being processing information if we can produce information. Something like you put cameras, I put the war. They don't produce information but they are closer, they are where contents are done, nowadays at blogging communities. If you got information, you got power, have ever think about how much infor has Google & Yahoo! ? I repeat, not just 'cause they search and index the web, thought about they blogging services (Blogger), mail (mainly Gmail), mail-list (Yahoo Groups), free site (Geocities) ... for sure there're a lot of useless info inside this contents, but ... thought about it for a while...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Upcoming with Fedora Core 4

Next Fedora Core release comes with updates releases and new software, let's have a look and comment something

  • gcc 4.0
  • Gnome 2.10
  • Kde 3.4
  • Eclipse
  • support for PowerPC arq

A Hispalinux (Spanis LUG) member has wrote recently about this issues at his blog; Mono & Fedora Core 4? no, sorry. In his opinion Redhat is going towards Java technologies, they don't want Mono inside Redhat ... and he also remeber us an older article about why Sun may buy Redhat and this, for sure, has a direct influence about not include Mono or .NET technologies instead of Java

Recently I post at my Libertonia's blog about Mono in Gnome and how some companys didn't follow this stream, I was thinking in Redhat. What could happen if Redhat does not support a Gnome running mainly Mono?

Monday, March 07, 2005

OSI new president

I've posted yesterday at my Libertonia blog (in spanish) about recent changes in OSI. ESR has gone, new president has come, and he has been there for month or less. Now, new president is a Redhat employee.

Be serious, be mature, don't make FUD's like all those teenagers fighting against Hasefroch or anything else, thinking there're conspitarions all around (for sure there're conspirations, but not allways neither everyplace, don't you?). It's not a crime to work for Redhat, but on the other hand I can't avoid to read betwen lines.

So many changes in so few time, meanwhile, comments about OSI recognise too much licenses, and comments about vendors need less licenses to aproach to Open Source, obviously I think all this things are related. Let me a few days and I try to order my thoughts about it.

Anyway seems clear that Open source has different taste if compare it with Free software, and the magical words may be ; vendors, licenses , bussines oportunity... again, there's nothing bad in make bussines with Open/Free Software (now I understand why somebody puts on the wire F.O.S.S as a way to describe all that stuff).