Monday, April 18, 2005

Adobe + Macromedia: reflections

Short post, no comments about colateral questions.

  1. By now, best reflection I've found comes from Mezzoblue about Adobe buys Macromedia. Adobe has a bunch of very good products and a lack of web orentation, Macromedia is focused on web products and they got killer applications such as Flash and Dreamweaver
  2. Second one; best thing you may have done (and I didn't) it's to buy Macromedia actions/participations, to win couple of bucks. Sadly, this may be one of most important things in all this stuff

Saturday, April 16, 2005

If you're a progammer, you should read this

As a sysadmin -no questions about how I admin and how I don't- sometimes I would like tell a few thing to programmers. Unfortunately I can't. This is considered an non polite way in some places and companys. I, myself, don't like that some one else told me how I'm suppose to work, so I can understand it.

But the fact is, I have to keep up things that some else has code. I can't resist to have a look to some codes, especially, if know the language -php, perl, shell, a little bit of python, sql querys, ... and so on-. I become crazy -with killer intentions- when I found some things...

I know nobody read this, so I can express myself more free: You, programmers, bastard race, please, do two things:

  1. Write code in KISS way : Keep It Simple, Stupid
  2. Follow the Standars, allways it may help you just to know what fucking things are ECMA, W3C Consortium and ANSI standards...

...and please excuse my unpolited and abrupt way...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Book on-line about C programming

I posted before about Free Techs and Programming books (by the way, I should append this to my links resources to find it easily), and now I want to introduce you a whole on-line book about C programming.

That site belongs to a england company offering courses and other services, anyway, as long as I live little bit far from england, I attend to this one wich is on-line. It seems that this company has took the desition to publish on-line a book that they publish on paper, great idea, specially if you wanna learn C.

Still there're crazy people that considers C as a good programming option, in a world full of Java, C#, and other POO languages. Sometimes is good to returns to the basics, don't you?.