Friday, May 20, 2005

What Makes a Good Design Document?

Some times I wrote a post and I let it sleeping for a weeks, later I review it, so don't be surprise if read this talking about What makes a good design document?.

From time to time, Slashdot posts are insightful ones, such as this comments about testing the desing, traceability, and interesting as it is, it let us a pair of very interesing comments answering their points of view.

Nothing in common with spanish slashdot, full of trolls and bored teenagers.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Open Source bussines model: a proof of concept

I was reading this interview with David Wheeler, Bricolage author and I realize this is a proof of concept about Open Source bussines model. He had wrote a CMS and you will use it for free and if you want something more they offer you a comercial support (really cheap in my opinion). There's a lot of prominent customers, this list talk us about how good product is.

Although it may seems publicity, in fact is just jealousy, 'cause I had to be great way of living developed something and live doing something that like ... yes, yes, I know there's always the other side of story not said here, nasty customers, bills to be paid, ...

Sun helps you

BigAdmin: Sun helps

From time to time I visit Bigadmin a site about Sysadmin powered by Sun Microsystem. As long as my wife works on web design [1] I got some knowledge on this issues. I've been suffering that ugly web design for a long time.

Sun changed all their web sites designs and now are more smooth, more coherent, and in my opinion, looks better. There're no reason because a company as Sun, powering Internet, were looking such horrible as they do.

But most important thing, is that you may found a lot of useful scripts at Bigadmin

[1] Just for fun, she's really working in a SPA at Valencia

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Marketers are liars

Via this joi ito about marketers are liars I remember a spanish blog about The Fuckowski diaries, a very sarcastic histories about a programmer's life, life, in real life, 'cause we all have found ourselves sometimes in similar situations, don't you? (by the way, link to english translations are broke so I let you spanish one and you will have a look soon or later looking for the english translation).

There's nothing new upon this stories, but what really makes me feeld bad, is that the only ones that believes those marketers are the one who toke decisions at companys. Later you got to carry whit all of that...