Tuesday, November 29, 2005

DefCon at work

This days I'm laughing with this DefCon entry at Microsiervos. I've download this PDF's file, printed it, and we're using it to indicate our stress or crisis situation.

Looking for an explanation I've found that Microsiervos, have wrote an Article about acronyms and abbreviations where they explain many geek acronyms, and among others DefCon, that stands for Defense Condition.

Also, you may have a look on this memorable quotes from WarGames where they're talking about Defcon levels...

Laugh it's an important thing, and after a very hard time at job I needed a lot

Friday, November 25, 2005

BOFH Position

It has been a great thing, I was showing what BOFH is, to a colleague, when I found that my spanish traslations has been positioned upon original Simon Travaglia page.
You may have a look on this by following this BOFH search from Firefox in spanish

Updated I noted that it happens just if you're using Firefox in spanish, and Google.es

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

About Blade Runner

In spanish

Mi mujer no es geek (creo que yo, lo justo), el otro día conseguí que viera Blade Runner.

Le explique un rollo. Que es una pelicula sobre las grandes preguntas, ¿de dónde venimos? ¿quiénes somos? ¿nuestro "creador"? ... que vamos haciéndonos a traves de la mirada de Rick Deckard (Harrisond Ford).

Ella me dejo de piedra: no has entendido nada, nosotros somo los replicantes

Seres grises con vidas monotonas, creados en serie, el combate, para el placer, para el trabajo que no quieren los auténticos humanos (¿quienes son los auténticos humanos?)... con fín conocido, en el qué y en el cuando.

Nosotros somos los replicantes

Les he enviado a Microsiervos un mensaje como esta entrada.

Advertising issues

This days I've read a few importants blogs arguing pro advertising inside blogs and against advertising inside blogs. Although money it's needed to keep a blog on, also money may influence a blogger main stream, in order to get more link or advertising, or in order to hide negative question for your supporters.

Both positions are clearly differents and seriously founded on. I'd never try Ad-sense advertising as a way to get money, this blogging activity it's just for fun I'd like to keep it in that way, even more, I'm convinced I'm offering to much links at right column and prefer to keep my personal links, not comercial one's.

Note: if my UOC english teacher it's reading this I'd appreciate you corrections ;-).

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Special prompt for root

This entry should be a part from a longer article about Linux bash shell or a tip in a tip/trick list. But I allways forget how I set root prompt's on my machines so better I writte down here and it's easier for me to find:
export $PS1="[\[\033[41;1;37m\]\u\[\033[0m\]@\h \W]$"
and you'll get something similar to this:
[root@porta root]$ ... which is very usefull to pay attention when you're root.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Free software from Sun, Oracle and Microsoft

I wrotte about it latter but as I want to practise my writted english, not to be the coolest blogger in the world, then I don't mind.

First good new me come from Sun when they announce in they newsletter for developers that they let you donwload for free their IDE for Java.
Second were Oracle, with their Oracle Database 10g Express Edition wich is free for develop, deploy and distribute. Oracle use to let use their products for free, assuming you're developer, but as son as you put in a production environment, you, or your client has to buy a license and/or support. So the good new is that you may use it for free totally, also in environment production, but no support is offered unless you pay and this software is a lesser edition, which isn't exactly the same as 10g is.
Third one has been Microsoft, ans this really weird. They offer also a lesser version from Visual Studio, call it: Visual Studio Express.

Buying Patents for Linux

A sort of non-profit organization has been created, Open Invention Network receives patents that IBM, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony are buying for beeing used in Linux.

I know that IBM, Oracle, HP, and some others big software companies are working togheter in OSDL and also in Apache Foundation (IBM, Oracle, they all took a lot of profit from developing in peace Apache, Tomcat, Jakarta, no matters that they differs on some other things) but it surprises me a few, to find Philips&Sony.

This days I'm working ten hours per day, and also I've got my home duties, so there's no time for blogging, and when I find a free minute I try to relax myself. Weekends are for University (you may practise your Catalonish as I practise English by reading my University Catalonish Blog at Cdmssc)

So long