Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oracle and OSS

My hated-loved Oracle has been moving around OSS. It has been told (and confirmed too) that they have tried to buy MySql

In this article from BusinessWeek they talk about how Open Source initiatives may be controlled by big software companyies. For instance, they talk about recent Oracle adquisitions, about how IBM has been injecting money and coders inside this comunity and they end with a very clarifying sentence from Bruce Perens; If Larry thinks he can have his way in the open-source community, he's going to find he can't get any developers to work [with him]

But also, Ellison says that open source needs big business, and I agree ... in part. I think it's possible to keep up open source initiatives without big companyies, but also, it's naive to think that OSS have may grow up so much just because we all are good fellows. Have you never have a look to OSDL partner list?