Friday, January 27, 2006

Corection: Firefox also has that feature

I was almost the first one in comment what Denker Über says on former Internet Explorer 7.

I keep on my opinion that there's nothing new in that version. No peculiar technical advanced. Now, in full production you may found others browsers that offers you those features.

But I do a mistake, there's an extension for Firefox that let you see in a single tab,what are browing in all the rest of the tabs. Thanks to Microsiervos on Reveal for Firefox I've found Reveal an extension that allows you to see thumbnails of pages in your sesion history. So may is not exactly the same, 'cause it works with history not with actual open pages but it's almost the same and maybe with a little bit of work you may found it in a not too distant future.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Internet Explorer 7

Via Denker über (link in spanish) I knew what future Internet Explorer brings to us.

In my opinion the one and only really new it's that feature called Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer that lets you see all tabs in one page, looking as a page preview.

All the rest, are features you may found far away, for instance, in Firefox. Also, you may have a look in this Internet Explorer 7 screenshoots gallery

Saturday, January 21, 2006

A brand without branding

Via Quality products without branding I arrive to Muji on-line in Europe.

This, seems to be a very well known mark in japan that makes good products in diferent areas, they all got a very good quality and they don't emphasize on their brand. You have to look carefully to find it.

Muji has charateristics I prefer many times: simplicity, funcionality, quality ... and if you have a look on their website you may fine they aren't expensive. By the way, they got things for everything.

What the hell has this in common with computing? Easy: those characteritics are worthy in IT (webdesign, software architecture, ...). You may say is a Zen point of view and maybe you're right.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

BOFH:Being an specialist

A developer that works in our company told me that he prefers architecture works than developer works.

Participate in a architecture project may be amazing 'cause you deal with problems and look for solutions, but ... also, you work in a team, and as older as I become as lonely I rather prefer to work.

Being an specialist it's a good option. Specialist yourself and try to be a good professional in some area. You may needed if you're a good one. The problem is to choose what area is a good option for you to be an specialist. There're areas overstimated nowadays that will dissapear, and there're others so reduce that you may be not needed in a long term. Examples up to you..

Friday, January 13, 2006

iPod: I love it

My wife has gift it to me, and I'm really satisfy with that gadget. It's useful, easy to use, nice and easy software to manage it... and soon, as Steve Jobs has told at their keynote, it will have FM radio.

So, thank you darling...
by the way, she loves ipod's socks and me to.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Windows Vista at CES

I don't use to comment anything about HaseCorp but as soon as I read Error 500 comment on Gates conference at CES I told to myself that its worthy to say something.

  • Flip3D seems to be original, I mean, I've seen things like this on other Operative Systems, but we may assume its an original one
  • Windows Vista Sidebar isn't original, its like Google desktop
  • Windows Photo Gallery isn't original, Flick was before on that road...
  • Msn Search Toolbar isn't original, Google has a local search engine for your computer that runs very well...
  • Windows Vista wants to offers a music store with MTV, but, iTunes rules this better, former, and integrated with ipod's hardware, and they do it over Windows and Macintosh (when with Linux?)
  • they don't deliver WinFs ... oh what a pity, 'cause here's where the expectation were

So think about, what's new on this issues? where's innovation? who is developing new things, really?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

iPod: me too

I fall ... since I sow an iPod I really like it.

Rational as I am, I thought there must be cheaper options that fulfill my requirements... but (here comes the stuff that matters) but there're important items to choose an iPod.

Less practical but very important: design and what to say about Apple ( have a look on this imac and told me if you have a PC such as this).

An iPod offers me 2Gb for a reasonable amount of money, and yes, I know there cheapers options, but, what here comes another because who will offer me support in the next three years?. There's a big company in the backstage, this has become a very sold product and finally, ther're a lot of gadgets that complete what I need (for instance, car battery charger, radio, socks!!! to protect it and so on)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Confort or not?

This days I'm found myself thinking about change my home router/firewall server. There're a few things you must know, first of all.
This server has been running and giving a good service as long it as been turning on. I installed a debian and I put a cron that does a daily update.
So, what the hell do you want to change your machine?... Here comes the juice...

I like debian, those guys are doing a very good job, and we reall got to say them thank you boys, but, why everything is different in a debian installation? I don't want they follow the mainstream just for being on the wave. But many times, a little better way to do things, it's a lot more disapointing. So many times I prefer a little less better but a much more common solution.

My home system, acting as a router and firewall requieres a stable linux distro, I need also a distro that offers regular and good security updates. I need free software 'cause it has to cost nothing to my little pocket. I was thinking about it, and after consider different options I'm pretty convinced about choose centos. Mainly they offer a free, stable linux distro. And first of all, they're a RH clone, so it makes everything easier for me.

There's a big step to do, to get time enough to plan and do the task. It may sound dramatic but this is not just to erase and reinstall a new distro, I got to backup what packages I've installed, how they're configured, what are they for ... and so on.