Monday, February 06, 2006

Active State (just sold out) on free software

Active State it's a nice company, because they build Perl but not just because of it.

They were owned by Shopos (an antivir company) that had been sold out Active State to a Canadian venture capital. Althoug it's seems to me a little bit ... risky situation ... it cames with good news. News says Active State will keep on Open Source Roots.

I wanna remember here that Active State has a great perl documentation on-line, nice perl port, but also, their CEO has a blog where he explain this Active State spin out movement, and other tools like their IDE Komodo, IDE for Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I'm encouraging my wife to start her own blog on Estudio-L but at least I'll drop few lines about her job...

Via a this book review upon a HTML + CSS book I get this head sample for an HTML Transitional document, 'till here nothing extrange. The book has a very good evaluation at Slashdot review by the way.

At first glance I saw that xhtml sample and I perceive that they don't use utf-8. Utf-8 it's becoming the cool movement among some web gurus this days here in spain, just browse Minid or Microsiervos and look at archives.

Inmediatly I've been editing my wife page at Estudio-L and show that her pages contains a nice and heavily strict code!!!.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mac, falling in love...

I'm talking as well as I can about new Apple decisions. I achieve one success. A colleague has installed Mac OS X on their PC. Yes, I know it's a pirate version but he fels very well and confident about it.

I think that many people will follow this steps, try, feel good, and later buy a true hard+soft made by Apple.