Friday, April 28, 2006

Google management model

It's seems clear that Google does things in a different way. I've read this note in slashdot about how Google's Novel management systems aids growth and I agree with them.

In IT comanyies or even in IT departments (maybe in anything) to let a gap for creativity is a choice to improve tasks. Rembember that Google let's a 20% of employee time for their own developments. And in IT it makes a difference, the one who innovates the better they're.

I would like to creativity was more appreciate at jobs

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Learning with you iPod

Most people use their ipod for fun, for hear music and that's right (me too). Podcasts are offering a new approach to internet communication; although they aren't bi-directional they, tipically, offer us a change to hear somebody talking about a subject in which it's supposed to be competent.

From the beginning I've started to hear podcast in english trying to understand everything (I think is a good way to improve my vocabulary, comprehension, ...) but even you aren't interested in this things you may take advantage by hearing podcast from this universities. Sure we gonna learn a lot:

Oops! I forget it, it's easily using ipod + iTunes

Monday, April 24, 2006

Red Hat CEO on Ellison comments

Via this slashdot note on Red Hat CEO suggest Oracle is feeling the heat you may read original interview

I didn't do yet so don't take me very seriously, but, although Red Hat may be is getting closer to some Oracle targets (such as middleware software buying JBoss), Oracle is yet pretty bigger that Red Hat and companyies need databases more that a particular SO

A big company may assume the cost of migrate from MS to Solaris, or from Solaris to HP-UX if a technological chief decide so. In fact, nowadays is far more easily since you may got everything running on Java+JSP+some very well known RDBM that runs on every SO... but, keep you SO and change from Oracle databases to ... to what? DB2, MS-SQL? that really means a headache

So, it may be true that Red Hat is touching b*ll*ocks to Oracle, but by the moment Oracle still is the big one, and Red Hat may get benefeit from Oracle selling databases running on a cheap Red Hat SO...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Answers to Linux done by Oracle

Larry likes to be the first in everything (even sayling), or so I believe. His insinuations upon offer their own Oracle linux distro or even buy Novell has been answered.

Somebody proposes Ubuntu, and show he doesn't know very well Oracle. Oracle needs to relay on a comercial distro or buidl their own distro, anything else means you don't understand bussiness. And I didn't extend myself on this.

Two days later IBM has reacted to Ellison's interview. Don't forget IBM inject money in Novell when Novell was in danger, money enough to let Novell buy Suse and Ximian. By this reaction we may asume a non explicit declaration that says, we don't allow you to come into our protected company and do whatever you want

Let's what Oracle does now, it could be interesting

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Linux distro done by Oracle?

This is not first time that I've heard Oracle speaking about build their own operating system. In fact, there're people that considers they got a lot of job already done. For instance, you may writte your tablespaces in a raw device, which is, writting without operating system, and delegate to Oracle software this task, instead of instruct your OS, Oracle does it for you.

... but keep in mind, that Ellison were talking about I'd like to have a complete stack ... so he was talking just about a it may be.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Redhat buys JBoss

As they publish Redhat have bought JBoss and I think it's a very important new.

It has been told, lately, that Oracle was looking for that, but finally buyer has been Redhat. Now, that everything has finished I asked myself if that story about Oracle wouldn't be a rumour from JBoss in order to improve price... who knows?

Anyway, I heard voices that afirm Oracle has destroyed very good Java server as Orion after buy it, also, I've hear voices that prefer JBoss being bought by Redhat better that Oracle.

Anyway, few of my mates says that Redhat offers good set of products:

Since Redhat it's becoming one of the most important companyies in FOSS they have enough money to buy others companyies. Two years ago I was posting in a spanish lug that Oracle and Dell were injecting money in Redhat.

Free and Open Source solutions and bussines are here to stay. Now, that my job forces me to work with non free software I miss it very much.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Also my health problems

Via Slashdot I read this note about health problems related to the geek lifestyle although I don't consider myself very geek in fact I suffer all this problems. I'm not paranoid, in fact I'm suffering this.
Short list is:

  1. Horrible Sleep Hygiene
  2. Headaches
  3. Back Pain
  4. Poor Attention Span

The latest one, as a read in the article, is not a healt problem but I never suffer attention problems and I feel that way, mainly since I try to study in the on line university I found myself such way. I know I note it since I start to study.

Blogsphere, sometimes, sucks

Everybody is talking about Apple that will offer double boot loader for their news machines, so you can start up both MacOS or WindowsXP... yes, it's an important new, but, annoying when everybodys talking again and again about the same.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Philosphy + learning languages + engineering ?

What have in common philosohpy, learning languages and this engineering degree? No, the answer is not english is a subject.

The act of thinking is directly related with the language you use. You may have a clear experience if you talk more than one language. And also, with how good is you language: the better you language is, the better your thinking is. (Let me explain just one thing: better here stands for something related with complexity not with a moral virtue.)

This issue must be told in classrooms to all teens, 'cause they still keep arguing Why should I study english/catalonian/spanish/latin/greek if I'm in science branch? I don't need all those languages, I just need to learn maths. By the way, teachers must explain maths are also a language also.

So, there's a direct relation betwen your language quality and your reasoning quality: If you're the master of your language then you're the master of your brain, your thinking process, your thoughs, ...

Until here nothing new for a mediocre philosophy student. Now, relation betwen languagues and engineering: Learning languagues and learning engineering both have in common problems solutions. Languagues has rules, also called syntax, grammar, ... and elements, also called vocabulary, and practices, also called exercises or programms.

Like a engineering, where we're taught in rules, for instance programming essentials, in elements, for instance reserved words in a programming language (again, computing programming is also a languague)...

This is what philosophy, learning languagues and engineering they all three have in common. I leave a lot of things to say but I wanna keep myself in essentials questions.

Two late things:

  1. have a look Language, engineering and philosophy that I read yesterday April 4 and don't fear of philosophy, mates :-)
  2. I my humble opinion there's a big difference between engineering and languagues: engineering is a technical issue, languague is an art (and this is a very Plato point of view but I can't get out my own shadow)