Monday, May 29, 2006

Bowman goes to Google

My wife, tolds me that Douglas Bowman has been hired by Google (my wife and me, we both didn't link with Google 'cause they really don't more Pagerank ;-).

He explain it himself in his blog better that I would do, so if you wanna known the details in, read what Bowman says on Going to Google. If you don't know who is Bowman we may say that probably you have been seing a lot of web pages with a layout done by Bowman or even you have writting in a blog that uses Bowman templates.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wrong computing side

I've been positioning myself among differents options. Most of times, very conscious. I'd choose Unix and Linux systems instead of MS. I'd choose command line as far as I'm able to use it.

I probably mismatch with LAMP in a early age when companyies have turn towards J2EE + JSP and so on. I have no regrets 'cause LAMP solutions are quite adopted in web world.

... but, I feel that I was to young, and I don't freedom enough to choose betwen MS and Apple. So now I feel on other side of the road, the wrong side.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Oracle distro on July?

By reading news at My Yahoo! I've arrived to this article about next coming Oracle's linux distro. It seems that it would be announced in July.

Among others issues it is few aspects:

  • Oracle would able to offer a complete stack by delivering database + application +middle ware + operative system, what looks like MS does, all in one solution provider.
  • in the very first moment Ellison interview hurts on Red Hat value, but now it doesn't
  • Irony; Oracle was injecting money in Red Hat when they start up
  • Oracle has refused to comment nothing on this subject, so, what to think about it?
  • some analist point that is not so easy to clone a Red Hat distro

In my opinion Red Hat were not a threat until they buy best ldap server (former Sun, former IPlanet, former AOL, former Netscape) and JBoss. Red Hat has become a middle ware option. In that field, now, not before, Red Hat is a competitor.

That's why Ellison wants to erase them from the field. It should be better if they improve what they were doing well 'till now; databases. Many people -not analyst but developers- told me that Oracle were mistaken by doing what they do with Orion. Probably now, they're in the right way with middle ware. In they effort to offer everything they even provide they own ldap server (OID) wich is not the most mature option, lest say.