Monday, June 11, 2007

Squid with Active Directory or NTLM

I've never do that, but have a look to sample squid config file to authenticate with Active Directory ... the main idea it's to do the same as we do before with Squid with OpenLdap. If you're using Active Directory instead of a true ldap server have a look on that.

Note: This entry has been in the draft for too long ... I should writte more often.

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Squid with ldap

I was writting about Squid and I arrive to a sample config file for using squid with OpenLdap. I really don't know if you're using squid ... probably you should do it. And I don't know if you're using ldap ... sure you've to. If you combine squid with ldap it allows you control who is browsing the web or who doesn't it and the main thing is who 'cause squid relies on IP authorization method.

The problem: your method is not useful for me, you just check if the user is a valid user, your method doesn't let us separate all users betwen authorized and non authorized.
The solution: you just need to copy authorized users inside a different OU in your ldap server. If you don't know how to do it look for a ldap administrator ... like me :-)

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Save bandwith with squid in five minutes

I received the Redhat Magazine in my inbox, recently I've read an article about how to start up a squid in five minutes.

Since I know good it runs I must recommend you give squid a chance. If you have a company -little, middle or big company- it would save you quite bandwith. If you're a home user but your network has more than just one computer it will save you too bandwith.

Saving bandwith it's very important thing:

  1. user time experience
  2. you just download from the network what has changed and let squid to do the rest of the job

By the way, squid has changed their website. Now it's a little bit more easy to find what you're looking for. For instance: squid configuration examples, or general squid documentation, or The General Squid Guide ...

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Easy to help Fedora 7

No news about Fedora Project: there's a new version, they switched from Fedora Core to Fedora (since there's no separation between a core and other repositories) and also there're more and more exciting news:

but what I think its really useful for all of you it's to use smolt.

If you wanna help free software easily and you're running Fedora and you're a non tech profile then you can do this:

  1. become root on you machine and type "yum install smolt"
  2. type "smoltSendProfile"
easy, isn't it?

This instrucions were copied from Fedora announce list about Fedora Hardware Profiler and by doing this you're sending an anonymous email to enrich the Smolt Project Result.

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