Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2007 Bossie Awards

Bossie Awards are granted to the best Open Source Software for the enterprise, keep attention on that man!: for the enterprise.

Via Slashdot I've arrived to the list where appear 2007 Bossie Awards, once you're there you choose a category. I've had a look on Best of open source in platforms and middleware and there is my dear CentOS.

Most interesting thing is that it has been choose instead of RHEL but they specified that is exactly the same, even they say:
That means you can install applications for RHEL on a CentOS server without any incompatibilities, and all RHEL updates are applicable to CentOS as well. Obviously, no support contracts are available for CentOS, but that?s the draw for many Linux veterans ? the familiar Red Hat distribution, including updates, without the onus of having to purchase a support contract that is never used

The funny part of the story is a comment on slashdot, somebody says:
Interesting that CentOS won for server OS. Shouldn't that go to RHEL?
...and somebody elses anwser: Actually, RHEL won and Centos just made a copy of the award and changed its name.

By the way, Ubuntu wons at desktop category, actually I got a Ubuntu LiveCD to show what Linux is at work, and everytime I can I run it, they flip when they see cube desktop ;-)