Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Microsiervos: I don't deserve it

One of my favourite blogs, Microsiervos has mention me again :-) and it has been 'cause I suggest them how peculiar was for me, to find a form that calculates how long are you going to live. It reminds me the chapter from The IT Crowd: Return of the Golden Child.

So here's the Microsiervo's note about life expectancy simulator where they mention me, they use to say no somos dignos so now I must say thank you boys and I don't deserve so much honour


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Performance on different CMS

By reading a web-developer planet I found an article about Measuring some CMS performance. Although the article is wrote in spanish you may understand the main ideas by looking at the graphs.

There're two ideas I wanna to highlight:

  1. Wordpress performance is not good unless you use a cache plugin
  2. Textpattern and Nucleus are the best ones in terms of performance. You may also mention Drupal but with an incorporated cache system

That makes me repeat once more an old idea that I have about this ... CMSs. Wordpress is most popular but its designed for personal weblog. You may use it to build up a website but it wasn't desing for that. Even more; if you use Wordpress you're going to be in a continuous updating job, there're constants updates 'cause security reasons or something.

Textpattern has been planned not just for a personal weblog but also for a hole website, and according Kusor, its code desing is simply better.
I can't say a word about Nucleus 'cause I don't know it.

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