Sunday, March 30, 2008

Java sucks? Maybe, but less

I rembember that I've wrote opinions such as Java Sucks and so on. That was my starting point for a long time. Quique, who is a nice person and also a Java coder (yes, both possibilities are compatible) told me that my opinion was forge in suffering very bad code in Java. Now I'm force to write in Java for Objected Orientation Programming subject at my University on-line degree. So, as I was suspecting from a long time, Quique was right. It's very easy write in Java (nice) and it's really a powerfull combination JDK + Eclipse. The truth is that there're very bad programmers all around, or probably, unreasonable customers demanding aplication modifcations constantly that modifies the design and the performance of the whole thing. I'm also still believing that programmers job is absolutely devalued and underpaid here in Spain.

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