Monday, April 28, 2008


This days I'm studying OOP at the UOC. We need to draw UML diagrams, this University feels confortable with Free Software and what do you think they recomend for that task? They recomend us ArgoUML which is a nice tool.

ArgoUML has been wrote in Java and one of the most interesting things is that you may get your code in different languages, java, php ... (don't remember if more languages are supported), it supports UML standard diagrams, and finally it runs quite well on my 512Mb RAM laptop.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Red Hat Fan

I've been using Red Hat distributions since Red Hat 6.2 (more or less) and from then upgrading up to Fedora, passing through all Fedora's...

From different reasons I experienced a quite important problem with Fedora 8 and don't have any time to solve it. I decide give a chance to Debian (pure stable Debian, not Ubuntu or so) 'cause is a very interesting option, now is easy to install and with a lot of advantages (regular updates, security, zillions of packages...)

And I have to say that on my laptop (an old one) it runs faster than Fedora. I know it was going to be that way since Debian compile packages with less dependencies and that make them lighter in terms of memory consuming. But also everything is so different to almost any other distro that it's really annoying. I deeply respect Debian, nothing would be the same without that distro, but I rather prefer using Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS (great choice CentOS it isnt?) for three main reasons:

  • I'm used to them
  • they are more familiar in enterprise environments
  • they're too Linux and FLOSS

But... you know, there's always a but I have to admit that I'm a Red Hat Fan. So as soon as I finish with the subject (Object Oriented Programming) I'm studying at UOC I'll return to Fedora. It would exciting.

Pbenavent is a Red Hat Fan