Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HAL problem dissapears and NetworkManager is ok

So in short the title explains everything. Now, I must admit I don't like the idea of using NetworkManager instead of command line. Command line makes me feel with more control and lets me learn more. Nowadays this simple applet is simple and useful, shows me wifi networks, it let me choose what network I wanna use... so I surrender to it

Meanwhile HAL problems has dissapears probably 'cause there's no conflict in having exclusivity access to network devices or so I think.

I have reduce the stack of daemons running at boot time by switching off bluetooth, rpc related daemons and ip6tables. I love chkconfig command line.

Soon I'll push off cube-beryl related software since my graphich card (an old fashioned Svage S3 my laptop is from 2002 and I'm still surprise for that) doesn't support this short of effects.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fedora 9 just installed

As I wrote here a couple of weeks ago I've installed Fedora 9 at my laptop.

I've used for the very first time a different method. My laptop (buyed 04/11/2002) is unable to boot from a DVD, I allways have been using the set of CDs but now I downloaded a ISO that allows you to install from the network. This is not new for Debian fans.

So if you look for Fedora-9-i386-netinst.iso you'll find it has only 144Mb, for sure you're gonna need a quite good internet conection. It tooks me around 3 hours to finish the whole process, including type of installation (Workstation, development or webserver), packages selection and download and so on.

Once the boring part was finished then comes the amusing process... as long as I keep my personal home filesystem untouched this part is easier.

By now I've done a couple of customizations quite usual among Fedora's users:

  • Livna repos: download livna rpm...
    1. got to
    2. pick up and install it
    3. type yum update and install mplayer (I used for see movies, many people prefers vlc software, both of them are a good option) by typing yum install mplaer
    4. do the same for ffmpeg (I used it for convert video files); yum install ffmpeg
  • Flash plugin for Firefox: download flash-plugin- from Adobe's site and install typing rpm -i flash-plugin-
  • Solve some problems with HAL daemon... Pablo has told me that hal doesn't get very well if you use both network and Network-Managed daemons so he tolds me to use the second one or at least one of them, but not both at the same time... I keep myself on tune it accurately

There're more thong to be told but that's enough for now. Soon a second part, 'till then have a look to it keeps a lot of tricks that you were thinking of.

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