Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ultra notebook with Linux

You're not trendy if haven't a ultra-notebook or you don't know what is it. Well, if you doesn't know what it is, don't worry; it's a evolution from the original OLPC project that has evolved 'till becomes the latest gadget you may buy.

There's something very good in the idea; most of people doesn't need an expensive pc to get connected, browse the Internet and use the minimal amount of applications we all really need (browser, mail, chat). A minimal unexpensive and portable laptop may cover all that needs. I agree with the idea.

Differents hardware vendors offers their solutions, but in the beginning they all come with Windoes XP. It really was a breathe for Windows XP and a damnation for Vista. There were a player yet to come; Linux.

Fedora has done some stuff for this, but it surprises me that a little work from Argentina has achieve a success: Tuquito in Chile (stand for Tucuman, their original city). This school has forget what virus and lack of memory means.

It's easy to find detailed benchmarks about how a distro runs on that hardware, I've already found pages about how others distros runs in that ultra notebooks, but what I've found for the very first time is a normal story about non technical users using it, in a real situation, and look: their are kids in a school. It sounds great.