Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oracle wins, IBM losses

The most important thing was: who was going to retain the control over java?... in short, IBM has let passed by a great chance.

How this has happened, there were this steps:

  1. IBM offers an insuficient amount of money uppon Sun
  2. Sun looks for some other candidate
  3. IBM brokes negotiation when they know Sun is looking for someone else
  4. ...tic tac... a couple of days/weeks without news
  5. Oracle take the chance and buy Sun

So IBM has losse a great chance to keep control over java and now Oracle has to merge new bussines -such a hardware or OS-

There're more questions, what is going to happen with MySQL, with OID versus Directory Server from Sun? How hardware is going to be managed from Oracle? ... and you may keep on with all those questions, but comming back to my main thought:
Oracle: 1 | IBM: 0