Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friends of my friends

As Nop has wrotte friends of my friends are not (necessarily) my friends, for sure you may compose an acronym imitating FOF but this is too geek even for me.

Nop says that he receives a lot of Facebook requests for getting in touch with people who is friend of somebody else and not known by himself. (Do I wrotte properly this sentence? ... never know...) He also says that this social-networks are not social but unsocial... and I agree... as long as you use those networks you don't get in touch in real world, what is more social than the real world relationship?

I've been in Facebook but I'm no longer, it is very time consuming and very often it tries to access to personal data or such things. I'm even considering how useful is LinkedIn or Xing.

In my humble opinion it is true that network is changing a lot how our world is, but sometimes, we believe that everything comming from the Internet has a positive touch: we shouldn't loose our critical point of view... neve.

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