Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What nobody says when they choose MS

London Stock Exchange adopted a MS software solution, it was an application with strong demand for real time execution. It was announced as usual, hardware company announced it, and for sure MS takes it as a case of study.

What nobody likes to asume is a bad decision. On IT environments a bad decision may had a deep impact on business processes. You have a look by googling what has happened with London Stock Exchange or you may go straight to the point by reading why London Stock Exchange abandon Microsoft and switch to Linux.

One of my mottos is: we're not the first ones in having such a problem, sure we aren't and then I encourage my colleagues to see what somebody has done before to solve a similar problem. By the way if everybody jumps from the window it doesn't mean we've to do it.

If you're interested about how New York Stock Exchange deals with IT to keep their systems running you gonna know they uses Linux...

So... what else could I say... Up to you.