Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some thoughts about IBM plans to buy Sun

This days there's some buzz about IBM plans to buy SUN, it really doesn't affect a poor boy such me but just for fun I was thinking about it.

The golden egg is Java. I have no idea about how many chances offers to IBM to get Java under its umbrella, you simply consider that one of the main IBM products is its WebSphere. You may also think about how competitors will stay by a Java under IBM controls while they also has its owns Java servers.

Minors things to consider:

  • Eclipse, now with IBM and no code suite in Sun to compete with,
  • MySql, bought by Sun, how MySql stays under this new map?
  • Solaris, with an OpenSolaris and a commercial Solaris, how it remains in IBM's portfolio, side by side with Aix, AS ...
  • Oracle data base, and others software products runs over Solaris, how does it end with Solaris under IBM control?


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ultra notebook with Linux

You're not trendy if haven't a ultra-notebook or you don't know what is it. Well, if you doesn't know what it is, don't worry; it's a evolution from the original OLPC project that has evolved 'till becomes the latest gadget you may buy.

There's something very good in the idea; most of people doesn't need an expensive pc to get connected, browse the Internet and use the minimal amount of applications we all really need (browser, mail, chat). A minimal unexpensive and portable laptop may cover all that needs. I agree with the idea.

Differents hardware vendors offers their solutions, but in the beginning they all come with Windoes XP. It really was a breathe for Windows XP and a damnation for Vista. There were a player yet to come; Linux.

Fedora has done some stuff for this, but it surprises me that a little work from Argentina has achieve a success: Tuquito in Chile (stand for Tucuman, their original city). This school has forget what virus and lack of memory means.

It's easy to find detailed benchmarks about how a distro runs on that hardware, I've already found pages about how others distros runs in that ultra notebooks, but what I've found for the very first time is a normal story about non technical users using it, in a real situation, and look: their are kids in a school. It sounds great.