Thursday, October 29, 2009

Apache Directory Studio

Thanks to Pedro I've been noticed about Apache Directory Studio, which is a subset of a most important project: the Apache Directory and LDAP under the Apache Project.

Thanks to Angel also, I've been having a look on that tool. If you want to search, edit and see an LDAP without learn a line about command line, or using ldapmodify plus ldiff files to create or modify entries you should use this tool. Dammed easy.

And you're in IT probably you have use Eclipse at least once so it would be easy for you since its LDAP editor is a plugin under your Eclipse. You just need to follow this instruccions to get in use as a Eclipse plugin.

Thanks to Pedro & Angel and ... great soft again from Apache.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

How to know my own PID in a bash shellscript

I was sure there's a way to know easily what is the PID in a bash shellscript, without doing anything complicated -such a ps wwaux | grep something- and then I've found this quick ref. about less easily guessed commands and codes in Unix shell

By the way, inside a shellscript, the PID of that shellscript is stored in the $$ environment variable, for instance, you may type this on your terminal:
echo "My pid is $$"
and you'll get something like:
My pid is 14467

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Delete a line with sed

I wrote about how append a new line using sed. Now let me copy here how to erase or delete a line using sed if that line has a pattern.

If you want to erase, for instance a line that starts with # character, you should use something like:
sed -e '/^#/d'

If your text comes from a command you may use a pipe by doing something like:
cat /etc/services | sed -e '/^#/d'
or if you want to use on a certain file:
sed -e '/^#/d' fileName.ext
Hope it helps someone...

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friends of my friends

As Nop has wrotte friends of my friends are not (necessarily) my friends, for sure you may compose an acronym imitating FOF but this is too geek even for me.

Nop says that he receives a lot of Facebook requests for getting in touch with people who is friend of somebody else and not known by himself. (Do I wrotte properly this sentence? ... never know...) He also says that this social-networks are not social but unsocial... and I agree... as long as you use those networks you don't get in touch in real world, what is more social than the real world relationship?

I've been in Facebook but I'm no longer, it is very time consuming and very often it tries to access to personal data or such things. I'm even considering how useful is LinkedIn or Xing.

In my humble opinion it is true that network is changing a lot how our world is, but sometimes, we believe that everything comming from the Internet has a positive touch: we shouldn't loose our critical point of view... neve.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some thoughts about IBM plans to buy Sun

This days there's some buzz about IBM plans to buy SUN, it really doesn't affect a poor boy such me but just for fun I was thinking about it.

The golden egg is Java. I have no idea about how many chances offers to IBM to get Java under its umbrella, you simply consider that one of the main IBM products is its WebSphere. You may also think about how competitors will stay by a Java under IBM controls while they also has its owns Java servers.

Minors things to consider:

  • Eclipse, now with IBM and no code suite in Sun to compete with,
  • MySql, bought by Sun, how MySql stays under this new map?
  • Solaris, with an OpenSolaris and a commercial Solaris, how it remains in IBM's portfolio, side by side with Aix, AS ...
  • Oracle data base, and others software products runs over Solaris, how does it end with Solaris under IBM control?


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chrome means javascript

Yes, I know it's a little bit excessive 'cause there're more things inside Chrome browser, but just in order to catch your attention it's a good title.

Recently, I've seen in one of my feeds a graph showing language programs on the rise or more used right now. Two things to highlight:

  1. php is loosing percent of use: It just makes me think... up to you, easy language, fast & durty, but now, if you wanna use it for a medium up to big project you can't go out of a framework, so may it happens that programmers prefers to customize apps or cms instead of wrote out all that code?
  2. javascript is going up and so it keeps: there's no flash or silerlight catching up javascript, again a short tought about it. There's no browser without javascript support, no plugins needed so just embed your code and that's all. Finally, Google uses browsers as a universal client for a new server-client arquitecture, where they wrote in javascript for almost every browser and they uses python or whatever for server

So, make javascript faster it's a strategy for Google's TWD. There's only a leak, Linux and Mac versions :-)

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Object Oriented Programming passed

Finally I received a phone message with my subject note... and it has been passed with the minimum note to pass it but done.

Now time to try a little relax and plan how its going to be the next semester. Probably I choose two subject for the next six moths instead of follow just one subject. Maybe I'll choose English III plus Information Engineering... don't know really, I've got to meditate on this a little bit...


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Going on with my OOP subject at university

I've checked right now my last mark on OOP at UOC and feel very satisfied with it.

I thought my last exercise its going to be a C+ and I've got a B finally so great work for me! that makes me keep on trying with the latest exercise we got now 'cause it may helps a lot to pass the final exam since they uses this exercises to get an average in order to calculate the final mark.

I know how to prototype models, draw UML diagrams, how to translate the problem to the paper... but I feel myself terrible unexperienced in java coding. I hope it will less important the final coding than the -in my opinion- core knowledge which is Object Oriented aproach. Let's see how it finally ends...


Monday, April 28, 2008


This days I'm studying OOP at the UOC. We need to draw UML diagrams, this University feels confortable with Free Software and what do you think they recomend for that task? They recomend us ArgoUML which is a nice tool.

ArgoUML has been wrote in Java and one of the most interesting things is that you may get your code in different languages, java, php ... (don't remember if more languages are supported), it supports UML standard diagrams, and finally it runs quite well on my 512Mb RAM laptop.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Java sucks? Maybe, but less

I rembember that I've wrote opinions such as Java Sucks and so on. That was my starting point for a long time. Quique, who is a nice person and also a Java coder (yes, both possibilities are compatible) told me that my opinion was forge in suffering very bad code in Java. Now I'm force to write in Java for Objected Orientation Programming subject at my University on-line degree. So, as I was suspecting from a long time, Quique was right. It's very easy write in Java (nice) and it's really a powerfull combination JDK + Eclipse. The truth is that there're very bad programmers all around, or probably, unreasonable customers demanding aplication modifcations constantly that modifies the design and the performance of the whole thing. I'm also still believing that programmers job is absolutely devalued and underpaid here in Spain.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Performance on different CMS

By reading a web-developer planet I found an article about Measuring some CMS performance. Although the article is wrote in spanish you may understand the main ideas by looking at the graphs.

There're two ideas I wanna to highlight:

  1. Wordpress performance is not good unless you use a cache plugin
  2. Textpattern and Nucleus are the best ones in terms of performance. You may also mention Drupal but with an incorporated cache system

That makes me repeat once more an old idea that I have about this ... CMSs. Wordpress is most popular but its designed for personal weblog. You may use it to build up a website but it wasn't desing for that. Even more; if you use Wordpress you're going to be in a continuous updating job, there're constants updates 'cause security reasons or something.

Textpattern has been planned not just for a personal weblog but also for a hole website, and according Kusor, its code desing is simply better.
I can't say a word about Nucleus 'cause I don't know it.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

EPIC Perl in Eclipse

Nowadays I'm using VI or Komodo Edit [1] for Perl code editing tasks... (It sound great, if you have a look at my scripts probably you get disappointed).
Both are available under Linux and MS but yesterday Julian (nice guy working at Capgemini) tolds me about EPIC, which is an open source editor based on Eclipse. We better say it's an Eclipse extension to edit Perl , debug and so on with Eclipse.

Why you should use it instead of VIM or Komodo? VI plays another league, I love VI (I'm still learning, well, you never stop to learn once you star with VI) but code folding, frames at coding, auto-complete at such things are more in the code editors or IDE league. Komodo it's quite a lot what I need but it is not open source, and what a pity 'cause I love it. I've been looking for something similar at open source software I don't get what I was looking for. I know there're solutions out there (Bluefish it's supposed to be code folding but as far as I know it isn't it, I don't feel myself confortable with KDE software, and Scite isn't nice to work with... )

So EPIC + Eclipse is a great discover that I'm going to test but it has also disadvantages: and IDE is more than I need, the price for be multi platform is to be wrote in Java and that hurts to my laptop.

[1] don't confuse Komodo Edit wih Komo IDE; first one is free and just an editor, second one is an IDE and you have to pay for it


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Perl, every where

This days I'm writting a perl script to verify a 25 port is available on a particular machine. I've writte two different versions:

  1. first one using Use IO::Socket: hard way, dealing with carriage returns, and line-feeds, specially if you're using qmail, and my version was unable to connect with qmail or exchange transparently...
  2. second one using Use Net::SMTP: easy, smoothly way, no problems at all and able to connect both servers (qmail and exchange) using the same script.

I'll put that script at my never-starting project ...

Most interesting thing is that I've talking with a MS Admin about using perl also in Microsoft machines. I hope it happens.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Is there a place for a C programmer?

I've been talking yesterday with a colleague at the office. She kindly asks me about my bachelor's degree studies ... We end up talking about useless things at our company.

My mate supports that C programming is, more or less, useless ... she doesn't pointed very accurately about pointless for our company or pointless in general...

I should say that I don't agree with her. In fact I told her that I don't agree with this particular subject. I do believe that C keeps a wide area in companies, specially in low level programming devices, such as toys, mechanical components, ... and for sure, low level programming subsystems.

Obviously web environment has caught general atention, also java developments. It's clear and fair. The first one is becoming an easy and fast way to develop across internet and let your applications running inside a simple web broser. The second one is wide use in big companies.

Despite the majority, don't confuse majority with the whole thing. And, yes, I know that it doesn't necessarily means that it could be a good idea keep yourself learning C as a future option. Keep you mind wide open.