About studying computing and salary

I’ve talk with a nice guy who’s working in a call center. He’s working and studying Computing Engineering at the same time… and he’s studying almost the same speciality that I’m studying.

It makes think about why to keep on studying. If that nice guy ends his degree right now he would came to the IT market and if he would be hired as a IT degree he will earns as much as he earns now as a call center operator. Sad.

Don’t get confuse. I firmly support the study. But it’s a pity that someone with a high degree has to start from a so unfair salary. On the other hand, when he takes experience enough and improve his salary, unfortunately, he still paid under his preparation or skills…
There’s no Fog Creek Software or Google company alike in Spain as far as I know…

So, what’s the sense in studying a degree in computing? You may is pointless if you’re thinking in achieve a good salary. But there’re people who studied ’cause they like it. Is it a vocational job so? I don’t think so. And if someone starts as a vocational it may end up in some different positions, burned out after a couple of years.
In my opinion you has few options:

  • Being vocational worker while you can
  • Start up your own bussines
  • Work with FOSS and get paid for it