Rawstudio opens orf from Olympus E-510

Yes it does it

I’ve been looking for a program that lets me open .orf files from my Olympus E-510 and since I use Fedora I rule out from official software from Olympus. I keep on using their official software for firmware updates, but just for it.

So Rawstudio definitely opens .orf (which is the name for raw’s in Olympus cameras) but it goes better if I right click on the file and then I choose rawstudio. You may have check for your camera compatibility at rawstudio compatibility list

I can manipulate the file and if broke something I may reset each value to their original setting.

I also know there’s RawTherapee and I wanna try it out too. RawTherapee offers a users guide in spanish… it sounds great for an absolute beginner in raw processing.