Chrome means javascript

Yes, I know it’s a little bit excessive ’cause there’re more things inside Chrome browser, but just in order to catch your attention it’s a good title.

Recently, I’ve seen in one of my feeds a graph showing language programs on the rise or more used right now. Two things to highlight:

  1. php is loosing percent of use: It just makes me think… up to you, easy language, fast & durty, but now, if you wanna use it for a medium up to big project you can’t go out of a framework, so may it happens that programmers prefers to customize apps or cms instead of wrote out all that code?
  2. javascript is going up and so it keeps: there’s no flash or silerlight catching up javascript, again a short tought about it. There’s no browser without javascript support, no plugins needed so just embed your code and that’s all. Finally, Google uses browsers as a universal client for a new server-client arquitecture, where they wrote in javascript for almost every browser and they uses python or whatever for server

So, make javascript faster it’s a strategy for Google’s TWD. There’s only a leak, Linux and Mac versions 🙂