How do you get your iPod Touch macaddress?

So , one of my recents adquisitions at NYC has been an iPod Touch, (the smaller one since I don’t need too much Gb) and when I try to authorize the iPod Touch to connect to my home Wi-Fi, I’ve need to know the device macaddress…

I’ve found different ways to get it. Somebody even recommends to connect to a free public Wi-Fi and then look inside network setting what maccdress we got.

I told to myself there should be another way, with no need to connect, there must be a way to know our macaddress prior to connect any network and for sure there is, just follow this on the iPod Touch:

  1. From the Menu go to Settings (or “Ajustes” in Spanish)
  2. Then General
  3. Then Information
  4. Scroll down ’till you find “Wi-Fi Address” (or Dirección Wi-Fi in Spanish)
  5. … there you find the macaddress…

Hope it helps.