Android 3.0 and iPad

Most of you already have a watch on this video (I link it again just in case) Android 3.0 Preview … but this one has not been so popular, in my opinion;
Introducing Motorola XOOM

Now few things about this news:

  • in my opinion first video has a very TRON look alike, anybody feels the same way?
  • both videos are targeting on iPad has a competitor, what does it means? iPad is, yet, a reference and being a reference does not mean you’re the first one in everything, it means everybody tries to define their position using iPad as a reference position
  • what means iPad is yet the reference? they’re, yet, one step ahead.
  • Why so many yets in my questions? Because yet, emphasize Google is improving very very fast Android, just have a look on those videos.
  • Please, have a look on this video with Andy Rubin (Google Software enginer on Android) showing the Motorola’s Xoom prototype: Awesome.
  • Google has an incredible chance by using its services (Gmail, Store, Books, Reader, Chrome, and obviously the search engine), who has anything similar?

So, yet iPad has an advantage, and Apple has an incredible value as a mark but Android is moving faster and probably better. Apple has strongs features; integration, no fragmentation… but that would material for another post. The fact is that there’s a competition for the tablet market, with two majors players, by the way, the same game is starting on TV, with the same players with their own platforms.