RIM Blackberry, where are you going?

I thought Nokia has was unfocused when they don’t re-act in front of Apple’s and Android’s innovations. Now it seems that RIM with they Blackberry are in the same situation.

Playbook was a nice idea, I’ve try a test unit for a minutes and people from RIM told us very interesting things about how it was going to be.

T2M or Time to Market is crucial and they have been late. Dozens of cheap and affordable Android are flooding stores, for Christmas, for valentines… and if you want a more high quality device you may choose among Mototola Xoom, Asus EEE Pad Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 and for sure iPad. I give a try to all of them, you won’t go wrong with them. There, for sure, differences.

But, how many people do you know that uses a Playbook? How many Playbook have you seen on a store? The fact is RIM is offering a free Playbook to developers who send them an Android app able to run on their device.

I’m sorry, but being late is the same as loosing your North.