Buzz & more buzz about iPad

Finally is out and it has been less that I was looking for. Yep, I’m talking about The new iPad, people is so devoted that even the brand name have been commented.

It’s no so revolutionary, for sure they have done a great job. Personaly, I really believe they’re yet leaders on this category. You ain’t gonna found nothing so good for 499 bucks. Most of buzz comes form the new screen, GPU improvements, size and weight…

In my opinion there’re two things as least as important as hardware improvements, and both of them are software related: app’s for iPad use and Siri.

We’re, definitely in a post-pc age. With the iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, things reserved for a computer, now can easily done from the iPad. The rest of competitors should note how easy and integrated applications are with the whole environment.

Finally, Siri the network not only a place to storage but a place to work with, an extension in software terms. Maybe this Siri importance falls if your language isn’t supported by Siri.