Adobe Digital Edition vs Python & GNU

A very good friend of mine send me a link time ago. It was a present, a gift, a book, a digital book. Nice, I feel very happy since I like the author, it has to have cost money because it was a recent publication.

But… there’s always a but, remember, you only have eyes for that book if you use Adobe Digital Edition. You may like it or doesn’t but that’s the way it goes. So I download proper software, I download the book and start to read.

I do prefer my Kindle that my computer for book reading. I look aroundn in the Adobe app and there’s no way to export or share with my Kindle. Adobe has decide Kindle is not supported by their platform (pardon? WTF!)

After spend few searches, I found a lot of shareware or “commercial” stuff for windows, not so easy for Mac. But I’ve found how to get as I want I found Circumventing Adobe ADEPT DRM for EPUB, from i♥cabbages, a blog about reverse engineering. Awesome. A couple of Python scripts that solve your problem, free software, up to you.

I just read it, I’ve just follow the instructions and after did what he says I transfer and convert the epub to my Kindle with Calibre.

Settled and done. Thank you i♥cabbages