Ubuntu for phones

There few majors players in mobile OS: Apple and Android over all. In a second line Microsoft (with its Nokia slave) and RIM.

Now Ubuntu has come to this OS war in mobile devices. You may find a lot of reviews all around, not here. There’s something that comes to my mind constantly: environment.

OpenBSD is a great OS, very secure, stable, open, reliable but… what is its environment? Not desktop for sure, but high uptime servers for instance. So what in mobile OS?

  • From an IT point of view, environment is partnership with mobile manufacturers, easy apps developing, a good amount of well known apps available by default.
  • From a end user point of view, easy to use interface, smooth use experience, not crash in apps execution, and may use the apps I prefer -more than have tonnes of nonse apps-

The success for Ubuntu for phones would be decided by this non accurate list of environment items. Think about this list by comparing latest grows or fails in mobile OS: RIM, Windows, Android or iOS.

In my humble opinionUbuntu for phones:

  • comes late
  • has no support from the manufacturers
  • we already have a Linux on mobile environment with a huge company supporting its developement, yes, it’s Android