First things on an new Linux workstation

I got a second hand laptop -just adquired- that fulfills my requirements

  • New root prompt with red background, as I explained time ago, in my opinion it must be a default configuration in order to alert you who you’re. It’s specially useful when jump from one machine to another
  • Install pure flash (yes I know it’s not FLOSS)
    1. rpm -ivh
    2. rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-adobe-linux
    3. yum check-update
    4. yum -y install flash-plugin AdobeReader_enu adobe-release-x86_64
  • have a look on what daemons are running in the system in order to stop all unnecesary software (Type as a root systemctl and get familiar with the command line for the new Systemd)
  • Make your comfortable cozy room, custom .basrch; I’m used to add this lines (plus the root prompt I told you before):
    1. set -o vi
    2. alias ll='ls -l'

I’m just to do more things, such a install my favourite browser, or few concrete software I’m devoted to, let that for a former post.