Blackberry sell to Fairfax

There has been a lot of buzz about Blackberry’s sell to Fairfax, its major stockholder.

Please, let me remind you a few previous material:

  • I said Firefox OS was a “maybe” although I’m convinced it’s late.
  • I also said that Ubuntu for phones was definitely late and it has a lack of company support that Firefox OS has achive from majors telco as Telefonica

Major players at corporate mobile devices IMHO are: Android, Apple, Windows. It’s crazy for me since iOS has not been design for corporate deployment, Android is still more oriented to end user than to companies. Both companies needs to advance in MDM features

There was a chance to Blackberry to rise from the ashes, unfortunatelly for a healthy competition I guess they’re out of the game. Who’s left? Find your answer and don’t forget they all are moving, and moving really fast.

What is going to happen with Blackberry? I have no data at all and this is one of my foresight based on my previous knowledge and experience: Blackberry is going to follow the same path that Palm. Good product, lack of direction.

I guess Fairfax just want to monetize its investments and try to manage patents and know-how from a former leader. Probably patents and code from Blackberry ends up inside some other company. That’s my bet.