Microsoft will buy Dropbox

My colleagues knows I’m saying that Microsoft will buy Dropbox, sooner or later. Why?

Well, first of all, let’s remember that Dropbox relays on Amazon EC2 instances (even if it’s only just temporarily) therefore they TCO may be easily modified by Amazon. There’re explanations about why has sense for Dropbox to use Amazon to store Data.

Dropbox has been improving their integration with Microsoft Office 365 and finally a partnership between Microsoft and Dropbox has been announced.

Microsoft is no longer that 80’s company that we knew and its support to services, hardware and -that’s the point- to cloud strategy has revamped and has changed from SkyDrive to OneDrive, Office 365 online or Azure. On the other hand, the core business for Dropbox is no longer storage but integration and services (IMHO). Cheap or affordable storage is at your hand via Google Drive or OneDrive for personal uses, or via the same providers and a few more if you’re looking for professional use.

So that hypothesis has a lot of sense because means a win – win option. If Microsoft does not buy Dropbox a stronger alliance will happen, for sure.