The Best Linux Distros for 2016 has publish its list “The best linux distros for 2016” with a surprise for me.

They point SuSE as the best enterprise server distribution, if I have to bet five cents for a distro I would have choose Red Hat, for sure. Even they remarks few items that makes though Red Hat it’s my choice, if we’re considering enterprise environments, not desktop or personal server, or my own development server, or anything else.

So, strengths for RHEL are (IMHO):

  • Enterprise support
  • Wide portfolio around the pure OS, such as application server, deployment tools, messaging server, integration with development main players and even certification for system administrators (BTW, maybe the best one)
  • Gartner consider RHEL in 2016 as a

    firmly positioned as the most successful open-source software vendor in terms of subscription model success and portfolio breadth

  • If you never had consider Linux as an option, please, do it. Don’t forget you’re using it right now since you’re browsing the web because most of the public Internet servers runs a Linux. In fact, most powerful computers; supercomputers runs Linux, too. You may find a linux distro for desktop in the link from or alternatively try Fedora 😉