FSF High Priority Projects List

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced a major update to its High Priority Free Software Projects (HPP) list.

I only quote this nowdays because I consider a really important focus on privacy the mobile ecosistem. The first item in the list is a Free phone operating system. There’re plenty of companies collecting information about our habits, purchases, preferences, and everything else, just in case.

It is not a conspirancy theory, it is really worthy to pay attention because information, your personal information, is gold for bussines, they pay you by offering someting you need (or they makes you believe that you need) and you loose your privacy.

A lot of people says they have nothing to hide, they’re no thieves, or evil people, or whatever, well, it’s true. Me neither. But pay attention to this: quite often, we share more personal information on social networks or with companies than with our neigbour, why? think about it.

Free Software is a plus in terms of security, privacy and open interaction. Please, consider -always- the Free Software Option for your personal uses.