Free DNS alternative with privacy guarantees

Google, Twitter or Facebook products are not social media. Those products are made for a very specific purposes. No conspirancy theories, just business, all are offered for free in exchange of our privacy.

Lately has been broad knew the Facebook case with Cambridge Analytica. Not only Facebook, Google too closes Google+ without previous inform about profile and security leaks as WSJ reports in Google exposed user data….

In front of this, there’re movements promoting a different Internet, more citizen based, allowing sharing content without legal restrictions, decentralized and protecting out privacy. For instance I recommend you to have a look to the Free Software Foundation (or Free Software Foundation in Europe) or the lately Tim Berners Lee initiative called Solid.

The purpose of this post it’s only show how substitute the so called free services offered by private companies for an alternatives ones.

Google offers free DNS promising a fast, secure and reliable service, it’s probably true but I propose you to consider how much privacy are you giving.

It’s more easy than not use an also free, secure, reliable and which is more important, privacy guaranteed one. Here’s the one I’m testing lately: OpenNic with a long list of DNS free servers. It’s recommended to choose one close to you, obviously.

You may find how to configure OpenNic in their WiKi, fairly easy by the way. Try it and spread your experience.