DD-WRT as a bridge

I was using DD-WRT in a Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS years ago. After stop needing it was stored in the deepness of a wardrobe.

I’m living in a long flat where a room is far away from the AP, furthermore there’re metal and liquids between the room and the AP which makes the signal intensity lesser.

So I’ve rescue the DD-WRT from its retirement to enhance the Wi-Fi signal in the house. There’s no merit in it since you just have to follow the proper tutorial about how to configure DD-WRT as a Repeater Bridge.

Why I wrote about this? It’s related with a couple of things: it’s worthy no to fall into programmed obsolescence and through away any device just because. Simply consider what it’s worthy to keep and what it’s simply trash.

Last, but not least, GNU/Linux shows again how important free sofware is. This particular Linksys WRT54GL support third-party firmware based on GNU/Linux and over that DD-WRT has developed its firmware, which also free software… Free software, do I have to argue any more? Self-explained.

Linksys WRT54GL

I almost forget to remember that the FSF lawsuited Cisco for a violation of the GNU License and it won.