State of art for RHEL clones

A short post just to share a grid with nowadays alternatives to RHEL clones after IBM decision on CentOS.

In order to keep it simple I don’t link to the downloads, you’ll find each download on its own page. Neither I extend my opinion, just a very minimal note. Longer explanations deserves its own post.

UPDATE: I forget to say that the best RHEL clone is RHEL itself. Red Hat should have published this before announcing the changes in CentOS but anyway I consider this a very good idea; you may use a real RHEL up to 16 production machines. A former Red Hat program for Individual Developer was available and it’s going to be substitute by this program.

Scientific LinuxFermilabNot support for general public, done by a public lab.
RHEL 7 clone. Tested as a very fast distro in performance
Alma LinuxCloudLinuxAvailable.
Unbreakable LinuxOracleOracle clone.
Rocky LinuxGregory Kurtzer
Not available