How to get a fully synchronization between iPhone and Google

You may synchronice your iPhone with your Google account by following the Google instruccions. It has to be the default approach to this issue. It may seems peculiar but following Google instructions you’re going to set an Exchange account. You’ll get a full Google account sync except Notes.

I remember the first time I try it they where since I just configure my access as an Imap access.

So If you want to sync, also, your notes, let apply a trick; configure one more account but, when add this new account choose Google -not Exchange- and type the same user and password you’ve set in your former configuration. When you are able to choose what to sync, avoid Mail and Contacs and just choose Notes.

How do you get your iPod Touch macaddress?

So , one of my recents adquisitions at NYC has been an iPod Touch, (the smaller one since I don’t need too much Gb) and when I try to authorize the iPod Touch to connect to my home Wi-Fi, I’ve need to know the device macaddress…

I’ve found different ways to get it. Somebody even recommends to connect to a free public Wi-Fi and then look inside network setting what maccdress we got.

I told to myself there should be another way, with no need to connect, there must be a way to know our macaddress prior to connect any network and for sure there is, just follow this on the iPod Touch:

  1. From the Menu go to Settings (or “Ajustes” in Spanish)
  2. Then General
  3. Then Information
  4. Scroll down ’till you find “Wi-Fi Address” (or Dirección Wi-Fi in Spanish)
  5. … there you find the macaddress…

Hope it helps.

I’ve got a Mac

Finally I’ve got a Mac… yes I know it is not free software since it comes with MacOS but (remember there’s allways a but) it offers me the chance to test other quite good OS and also install on it Fedora.

I keep you updated…